Oh! // H2O // Freja Wewer

Let’s add a little Luxury to the greatest sport of all – Everyday Life!

 This summer, we proudly present an exclusive co-lab with a Danish icon in sports wear; H2O and Copenhagen style icon Freja Wewer.

A very exclusive and limited collection of slippers in mink, fox and swakara fur.






Luxury Gets a Sporty Edge

The co-lab between Oh! and H2O, was created from the idea to combine the classic luxury qualities of fur, with the casual vibe of sportswear.

The result; four slippers which all have a cool, sophisticated, and modern look with fur details in mink, fox, and the unique Swakara.


Foxy Freja

The Foxy Freja slipper is colorful cool with amazing orange fox fur and cute pink soles.

“Scandinavians needs to stop being so afraid of colours – when they generally make us so happy. I believe that fashion is fun, different and colourful and I think that fur, with all the wonderful possibilities it possesses, is the perfect material for fun, unique fashion”

 – Freja Wewer.

Read more about Freja Wewer


Real Love & Friendship

We stuffed Freja, her little brother Frederik, along with her friends Josephine and Maya,  into a vintage mini camper and headed out to a deserted spot in Copenhagen.

We wanted the images for the campaign to express the personality of Freja, while capturing a cool and edgy take on high-end sportswear.


Get to know H2O

H2O Sportswear was established in 1982 with the philosophy of creating garments for the world’s largest sport – everyday life.

“The interesting things about this collaboration is, that it is threefold. It is not just a brand, or a brand and a blogger – is it the combination of three different parties, with three different skillsets, joining forces and learning so much from each other”.

 – H2O Co-Owner Christian Trads