Oh! // H2O // Freja Wewer

Let’s add a little Luxury to the greatest sport of all – Everyday Life!

 This summer, we proudly present an exclusive co-lab with a Danish icon in sports wear; H2O and Copenhagen style icon Freja Wewer.

A very exclusive and limited collection of slippers in mink, fox and swakara fur.

Available by pre-order.

To be delivered in June.






Luxury Gets a Sporty Edge

The co-lab between Oh! and H2O, was created from the idea to combine the classic luxury qualities of fur, with the casual vibe of sportswear.

The result; four slippers which all have a cool, sophisticated, and modern look with fur details in mink, fox, and the unique Swakara.

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Foxy Freja

The Foxy Freja slipper is colorful cool with amazing orange fox fur and cute pink soles.

“Scandinavians needs to stop being so afraid of colours – when they generally make us so happy. I believe that fashion is fun, different and colourful and I think that fur, with all the wonderful possibilities it possesses, is the perfect material for fun, unique fashion”

 – Freja Wewer.

Read more about Freja Wewer


Real Love & Friendship

We stuffed Freja, her little brother Frederik, along with her friends Josephine and Maya,  into a vintage mini camper and headed out to a deserted spot in Copenhagen.

We wanted the images for the campaign to express the personality of Freja, while capturing a cool and edgy take on high-end sportswear.


Get to know H2O

H2O Sportswear was established in 1982 with the philosophy of creating garments for the world’s largest sport – everyday life.

“The interesting things about this collaboration is, that it is threefold. It is not just a brand, or a brand and a blogger – is it the combination of three different parties, with three different skillsets, joining forces and learning so much from each other”.

 – H2O Co-Owner Christian Trads