About Oh!


Everyday wearable luxury

We are a Danish fashion brand based in the cold but Oh! so lovely city of Copenhagen.

We focus on creating classic yet cool everyday must-have items within the outerwear and accessory categories that you will love for years to come, with a humorous and innovative furry twist.

We love fur and believe that everyone should be able to enjoy this fantastic material.

When you buy an Oh! item (and thank you for that!), you can be sure that it has been made without compromising on quality. The traditional craftsmanship of furriers and high-quality materials are greatly valued, which all Oh! products should reflect. In the end, we just want you to love our products as much as we do.


Danish Design:

All products from Oh! By Kopenhagen Fur are designed and developed in Copenhagen, Denmark. We believe that high level of craftsmanship and quality combined with innovative designs and techniques, is what makes our product stand out. Our styles are simple and classic but with a fun twist.

Fur has always been precious and a sought after material among merchant routes. Even our ancestors the Vikings were skilled trades men and fur was among their many goods.

The unique material has always been associated with luxury and wealth and it was written by law, which fur types various noblemen and royals were allowed to wear. For example, it was only the royal family who could wear Ermine fur and today a robe of Ermine fur is still to be found in the Danish National Coat of Arms. By all means, quality fur has been a fashion item for centuries.


The Fur from Kopenhagen Fur:

Our fur products are crafted using real fur from farmed animals and only from countries where national regulations governing fur production are enforced.

All of our fur is bought from Kopenhagen Fur, the world’s largest fur auction house. Owned by Danish fur breeders, Kopenhagen Fur is the leading provider of fur, recognized for its exceptional quality. As a leading provider of quality fur skins, Kopenhagen Fur strives to be the best in all aspects of its business, and strongly advocates animal welfare and go to great lengths to ensure the health and wellbeing of animals.

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