This winter we present our Peculiar Collection 

Our Peculiar Collection is inspired by peculiar women around the world – for every woman who dare to be different! 

Peculiar is a collection consisting of different and cool outerwear pieces in silk, wool, leather and fur.

With this collection we want to shed light on the women´s everyday life with everything it includes – if you are curious then watch our peculiar video.


Checked outfit 

Get your checked outfit today!

A cool and classic look to your wardrobe.

Classic meets peculiar with the long coat, skirt, short coat or handbag.

Available this August 2019.

Find the collection here.


Sustainable material and production

This luxurious full fur mink jacket is a new favorite, it is perfect for everyday and going out.

Our full fur coat is handcrafted in high quality natural fur from Kopenhagen Fur using traditional furrier craftmanship.

Buying fur is an investment that will last for many years to come!

Check out our jackets.