Class of 2018

This summer we present a new class of fur slippers – a tad more sporty and fresh.

We’re still going strong with iconic sportswear brand H20 and Copenhagen-based influencer Freja Wewer, who has designed the new styles with a sporty mindset, a glittery attitude and her favorite Summer 18 colors in mind.





Comfort meets edgy with these new mink fur slippers  –  sure to become your favorite companion this summer.

Striped Mink is available in White/Indigo, Black and Light Yellow.

We caught up with Freja in the pulsating streets of Vesterbro, Copenhagen at her favorite diner/newsstand/coffee supplier: Kihoskh.

So this June, we invite you to grab a cold drink, put your feet in a fluffy pair of sandals, place yourself in the cool shade and watch the summer days unfold.