A collection dedicated to big city dreams.

 For our AW18 collection we pay homage to Copenhagen by dedicating the whole collection to the characteristics, traits and viewpoints associated with big city living.

We believe Urbanity to be all about attitude – an embracing & forthcoming attitude, transparent and open.

The campaign is inspirered by the art form of Urbex and shot all around Copenhagen in familiar yet unexplored locations.





City Reflections

Our inspiration for the collection is our city; Copenhagen and all the contrasts of everyday urban life. From riding our bike, to shopping, taking the metro or a long walk all while looking cool and contemporary.  A little luxury in a busy everyday life.

The contrast of the city has especially been very inspirational – the blue sky, busy streets, the calm water and loud music – the beating pulse and the tranquility.



Urban Exploration

For our campaign we wanted to explore our city from familiar yet unexplored locations.

That is what Urban Exploration is all about – going places that normally seems off-limits or forbidden and explore a city from another angle.


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Meet Elaina Hammeken

For our campaign we teamed up with talented Urbexer Elaina Hammeken, and joined her as she took us on a tour of our beloved city; Copenhagen – from a completely new angle.


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