At Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur we love quality fur and all its amazing possibilities. Naturally we want you to love it as much as us – and here are two of the very best reasons why you should love our fur as well:


Natural fur is an incredibly durable, but also recyclable material with up to 30 years of life. It can be used to ’upcycle’ (transform) materials and redesign e.g. worn coats or details from other clothing. In comparison, faux fur is made of synthetic materials which nature cannot break down, even if it is produced by, for example, recycled plastic bottles. Therefore, styles and trimmings made of plastic will take infinite time for nature to break down. Long before fur was used in fashion, it was a sustainable clothing material. Of course, the main purpose of mink farming is to use the fur itself, but did you know that the rest of the mink is part of an ecosystem and that no parts of the animal are wasted? Some parts are used to make biodiesel, which, when used, causes much less environmental damage than ordinary fuel, while other parts are used for components in for instance fertilizer, cement and asphalt.


“How can I know that the fur used for Oh! products comes from animals that have had a good life?”, you might ask. You can because we only buy our fur from regulated fur action houses.

Since 2009, the European umbrella organisation for fur farming, Fur Europe, has been working to develop a welfare label on farms that gives the true picture of animal welfare. The welfare assessment system is called ’WelFur’, is developed by independent researchers and farms are inspected by an independent, specially trained assessment body. To receive the WelFur label, the farms are to go through an assessment process consisting of three visits over a one-year cycle. After the certification is completed, the farms will receive one annual audit.

In Denmark we have always had a high degree of animal welfare and now all qualified Danish farmers will receive a certificate to prove just this as they between 2017 and 2020 will be WelFur certified.

And if anyone is still in doubt, let us look at fur farming from a different angle: Kopenhagen Fur is not only the world’s largest fur auction house, it is also the leading. The skins are famous worldwide for their high quality and therefore always fetch the highest prices. The fact is that the better the animals are treated, the more beautiful the fur is, the more money the farmers get for the fur skins.


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